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Back in the 90's, i was an avid fan of radio communications having seen my dad with his CB license and small home station go at it pretty good in the late 70's.

At that time in the 90's, i was interested in the radio waves but could not put anything up for a tower or antennas due to restrictions where i lived. I had a small K-40 mobile antenna on the floor of my bedroom and a Realistic TRC-492 Base CB and a Cobra 148GTL and believe it or not, was ragchewing with the west indies during the Sun peak that summer on LSB with the 148GTL!


Needless to say, i was hooked! As most hams have touched CB at one time or another, it brings me back in time and oh my, what an improvement over the CB did Ham radio ever bring. When i bought my first house, installing a ham radio setup was a sure thing. All that was needed was a license now! I finally moved along to buying the books and started my studies. Earning an 80%+ in the exam, this allowed me to have full HF priviliges without CW. However, today i do see the good deeds that i could do on CW when conditions are not fantastic on SSB. I am in the process of getting what is needed to learn it. Eventually, i'll be a CW operator too! For the time being, SSB and JT65 modes.

In 2004, i got my license and away we go! That same year i installed a very small tv tower at around 40' with a small mast and old TV rotor (seen in my tower pics from 2004). This started me on 2m and 70cm FM. Wasn't long before i got tired of repeater use and wanted the bigger challanges of ham radio.

In 2005 i took down the cheap TV tower and moved to a Self-supporting 48' HD tower with a 20' aluminum 6061-T6, 2" O.D. with 1/4" wall! Now this is a much stronger setup! I also changed the rotor for a Yaesu G-800SDX and went from RG-213 to LDF4-50A 1/2" hardline. Antennas at that time: Dimond X-510 Omni, 6m cushcraft beam, cushcraft 13B2 vertical and a cushcraft A270-10S V/U horizontal. I used an electronic switch controller to go from one antenna to the next and from vertical to horizontal.

In 2008, I took down the Diamond omni and installed a 12 element K1FO on 2M (H), a 25 element K1FO on 70 CM (H) and left the A270-10S in vertical polarization and the A50-5S 6 m beam stayed up also.

 For 2013, i added the following: (1)K1FO 16 element 222 Beam, (1)18 element loop yagi for 900Mhz FM work, (1) 45 element loop yagi on 1296Mhz and (1) 76 element loop on 2304Mhz . Coax has all been upgraded to LDF5 7/8". I am also working on the install of Inverted V's for HF on 80 - 40 meters in spring 2014.


Please go through the website and should you have any questions, drop me a few lines!


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