My current station:

Power: 10 - 100W All mode

Radio: Icom IC-575H

Amplifier: None

Mast preamp: None

Sequencer: None

Ant: Cushcraft 5 element

Height: 45' (13.7 meters)

Gain: 7.85 dBd

Coax: LMR-400 x 60'

Loss: < 0.5dB

Yellow  0.11μV    98150 km2   /   Green  0.35μV    60002 km2

© 2015 VE2NRG Sean Magowan

VE2NRG's Amateur radio station

50 Mhz coverage


Note: This coverage simulation uses as a receiving station having  an antenna setup @ 32' with 10dBi gain which should be close to an average Ham 6m setup. Reliability used is 90%. So these estimates are pretty close to reality.

Power used for coverage simulation: 100W

    ** I always use radio power for coverage simulation.

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