LMR-400 (Times microwave)


An excellent coax, the LMR-400 is replacing RG-213 (9913) when the cables are changed. It is same size but offers lower loss with <2.7dB/100ft @ 450Mhz.

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LMR-600 (Times microwave)


Following the LMR-400's tradition, this coax offers very good caracteristics. It can be used up to 1300Mhz with <3.07 dB/100ft  loss.

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LDF4-50a (Andrews Heliax)


Heliax, or "Hardline" is pretty much the good stuff for RF transmission line. It is excellent and offers low loss with <2.97dB up to 1700Mhz @ 750W!It is 1/2" in diameter.

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LDF5-50a (Andrews Heliax)


This Heliax is one of the best hardline for Ham radio due to the fact that it is still manageable for it's size yet it offers <2.81dB loss up to 4Ghz @ 1KW!It is 7/8" in diameter.

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One of the most common coax around. This coax works well on HF band with short to medium runs. It becomes quickly useless at higher frequencies du to high loss. Note specs are metric in this PDF. 

 Specs found here:

RG-8 (Belden 9913)


This Coax is one of the average general use coax. It offers good caracteristics but still offers loss on the higher bands with <3dB up to 450Mhz / 100ft.

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