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Last update: March 2015

 Hi, in these pages, you will find relative info on my setup and equipment used.


  1. Tower is a DMX-48HD from Wade antenna.
  2. SP2000, SP7000, SP220 (TBA) Preamps from SSB USA. Visit them here: SSB USA INC.
  3. DCW2004B sequencer is from SSB USA. This is great for my 2m setup! It allows for proper sequencing of preamp, relay switchover and amp keying.
  4. Except for my 50mhz yagi, all Yagi and loop antennas are from Directive systems & engineering, visit them here: K1FO & Loops.
  5. Radios are Icoms: IC-275A (2m), 375A (1.25m), 475H (70cm), 575H (10 & 6m), 735 all HF, 1271A (23cm). For 900Mhz (33cm) FM i use Motorola GTX radios. For 2304Mhz i have a 1.25w transverter.  
  6.  Power amps are: (1) AM-6154 350w on 2M & (1) AM-6154 350w on 1.25M .

















I work hard to improve my system setup and i am working to get everything done right. I have put much effort in thinking about all the details, but wow, always something left to do!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a note by using the e-mail form listed above.


thanks a lot for looking



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