Current tower setup as of September 2013


  1. Tower is a DMX-48HD. It's a self-support tower that can hold 9 sq ft winloading.
  2. I bought this used back in 2005 and completely repainted it using a polymer galvanized aluminum color paint. It still looks awesome, even after 8 years up!
  3. On top is a Thrust bearing with reinforced top-plate and a rotor plate about 5 feet lower.
  4. Mast is composed of a T6061 structural 2" O.D Mast with 1/4" thick wall. It is 20' long.
  5. Notice the small boxe in the mast, my SP-7000 SSB USA Preamp. Others for 2M and 1.25M will follow in spring 2014.
  6. Rotor is a Yaesu G-800SDX with presets.
  7. Antennas from top to bottom are Directive systems: K1FO 2M, 33Cm, K1FO 1.25M, K1FO 70cm,  1296mhz loop, 2304mhz loop and at very bottom a cuschraft 6M beam.
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